Memorial Day to Labor Day, we serve hand dipped, soft serve ice cream, and sundaes.


​​Picture of the family in the Fenton Press, 2001


These are the people who make the magic in the kitchen.

Mikayla, Sydney, Nathan, Kyle, Stephen, Corbin, Emily, Mike, Courtney, Cody


Sydney, Mikayla, Emily, Kyle, Courtney


517 E. Broad St., Linden MI  48451

 (810) 735-9451 

Mike and I have been making pizzas together for over 25 years. We started with a small pizzeria in downtown Linden in 1997. While running the store we realized we loved the area and moved down here from the thumb area to raise our five children. The pizza business was growing, so in 2001 when we had the opportunity to expand our business with our own building and add the party store, we dove right in. Ever since the purchase of the store we are consistently improving it. Although I don't think we'll ever be complete, since we are always looking for expansion and improvements. Mike and I are very active in the running of the store, but we also have a lot of help. Two out of our five children still work for us, plus on average we employ 10 other people in the community. Our eldest two Mayce and Amber have gone away to college. Mayce is a graduate of Oakland University for computer science and Amber is at Michigan Tech. for computer engineering. Our youngest two, Mikey and Emily are both very active at the daily running of the store. Mikey attends Mott Community College majoring in computer science. Dominic is off helping us in other business ventures.

Our Staff